Sound Deadening and Car Audio Wiring by Audio Technix - #1 Dynamat Sound Deadener Replacement!

Welcome to Audio Technix, the best place on the web for sound deadeners and car audio cables. Here you can find everything you need to make your car's audio top-notch. With the car audio wiring available at Audio Technix, you can create the perfect sound system for your car. We also offer the best sound deadening technology in our top-of-the-line deadeners.


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At Audio Technix, we know that having excellent sound in your car is important to you. That’s why we offer the best car audio wiring and deadening products on the web! The sound systems pre-installed in most cars are not often the best quality equipment. If you want great sound in your car, then your best option may be to install your own speakers and car audio wire. Audio Technix can provide you with the car audio cable and car audio wire that you need for such a project. We carry nothing but the best in oxygen-free copper car audio wiring and copper clad aluminum car audio wire. Our car audio cables are available in a variety of gauges, as well.


 Even the best car audio systems, however, can be ruined by excessive road noise, which is why sound deadeners are so crucial. When you drive down the highway, you hear lots of noise—other cars, music, your car, wind and rain, etc. Without a deadener, these noises also cause vibration in the sheet metal of your car. This vibration creates an extra noise, which will render your sound system completely useless without sound deadening technology. Deadeners create a barrier between road noise and yourself, blocking most exterior sounds. Deadening technology can also create a vibration damper which will allow you to better control sound inside your car. Deadening technology is therefore essential in protecting the investment that you made in your custom speakers, car audio wire, and car audio cable.


 The deadeners offered by Audio Technix are the best value on the market; the deadening qualities of our products are unbeatable for the price! The butyl compound used in our deadeners absorbs noise from outside your vehicle. This noise-deadening quality of our sound deadeners also reduces panel resonance, thereby providing an improved acoustic environment. Plus, our deadeners provide added insulation to your car, creating a more comfortable environment. The deadening tools at Audio Technix also feature a layer of aluminum that is thicker than the aluminum layers found on other deadeners, creating better insulation and better deadening for your car. Our deadeners are also easy to use, featuring a super sticky butyl adhesive under a layer of wax paper liner, which is easy to peel and allows for quick installation. This adhesive also creates a tight bond, which not only provides secure installation, but also guarantees a better quality of sound deadening.


 Audio Technix is confident that we can offer the best value sound deadeners and deadening products on the market. We strive to provide sound deadeners and deadening products that not only meet, but exceed both the quality of our competitors’ deadeners and our customers’ expectations for their sound deadening products. We are also committed to offering our sound deadening products at the best possible price. We want to get you the most bang for your buck when it comes to your deadeners and deadening products. Finally, we want to provide customer service that is just as excellent as our deadeners and other sound deadening products.


 When it comes to quality sound and deadening in your car, trust no one but the company with the best sound deadeners and car audio wiring on the web: Audio Technix!