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DSC_2893 CT Sounds How To | Meso Series Speaker Adapters - When installing aftermarket component speakers into a door location we often times will have to make a custom speaker adapter in order to complete the task. Our component speakers might not match the OEM baffle perfectly, and the new speakers are built to be more robust and have a much larger magnet. The magnet might […]
DSC_3233 CT Sounds How To | Build a Subwoofer Box for Strato 8″ - Download this box design at the bottom of the page The Strato subwoofers are a great subwoofer for getting a lot of output out of a relatively small volume without huge power requirements. In this build we will be making an enclosure for a pair of Strato 8” subwoofers using a recommended design available at www.ctsounds.com. We […]
meso1 Meso V3.0 Subwoofers! - The long anticipated Meso V3.0 subwoofer is finally here! If you thought the v2.0 was good, then you’re going to soil your pants when you see this one. An almost completely redesigned woofer, the Meso V3.0 will make your already poor hearing even worse. The new Meso v3 comes in an 8” , 10” , […]
Capture CT Sounds How To | Build a Subwoofer Box -  Building a subwoofer enclosure is an art form. There are many ways to do it right and there are even more ways to do it wrong. Luckily for us, we have people on our side that are willing to take the time to instruct you guys on the proper ways of building a sub box. A […]

CT Sounds mission

CT Sounds is dedicated to bringing you high quality products coupled with superior customer satisfaction. We leave no stone un-turned and provide excellent support for our variety of products. More than a manufacturer, CT Sounds is direct support of both car show and audio competition scene. It’s about the direct connection with you, our CT Family!

Dealer Policy

We are a dealer only sales company and strictly enforce our no unauthorized sales policy. If you are interested in purchasing CT Sounds products please visit our dealer locator to find a dealer near you and purchase from an authorized dealer. Any unauthorized purchasing of our equipment will not be subject to CT warranty.